Some explanation for my e107 repo


Some explanation for my e107 repo

Some explanation for my e107 repo and branches there

There is the repo of e107 that I am using for the githubSync plugin.  We were waiting for the official release very long time and after it was released I needed to do some stuff with a stable version.

So I don't work with git version anymore, I have of course some installation on my localhost but I will not use them on the live website. 

But to be able to do this I needed a repo for the 2.3.3 version. It is still the core version but uploaded separately.

So here is:  

What is there?

The branch master is untouched 2.3.3 version.  I can synchronize with this version directly if I want. 

The branch main is 2.3.3 version with some fixes from the develop version. No new stuff, no experimental stuff, just bug fixes. All are done with cherry-pick functionality, so there is a track of all commits. 

This version is the starting point for all my installations now. 

The branch custom is the main version with my core fixes (if an issue is created but not solved yet). With separated news from the core.  This version is used on this site and it is experimental only. 

The prepared branch minimal is for my private version of e107 but I haven't yet decided to publish it (or had time to do it). It is used in combination with other CMS like efiction, United Nuke, or WordPress. 

If anything gets too messed up, there is still core synchronization with the latest version. But I am trying to avoid this scenario for as long time I can.  


  • Tgtje
    5 months ago

    Smart move on repo setup wink
    Using similar with language on c.m. on github

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kreossino 1 month ago

heyyy tutto ok????? ...!!!!

Jimako 5 months ago

Thanks for testing. And next funny thing - I forgot to uninstall APOS plugin, so it still created welcome post for you in forum, but forum is not installed... Just a reminder to look at it.

Tgtje 5 months ago

@Jimako just info : 1st activ. mail not received (2 day wait), resend ok (20 seconds) wink .

Jimako 7 months ago

test first message biglaugh confused

Jimako 8 months ago

@Alex try this one:

Jimako 1 year ago

In fact, I have never notice this because with WP plugin it is free. I will see what it does after free trial.

Alex 1 year ago

Well it's nice but 10 dollar a month for a business use pro domain... that costs more than the hosting frown

Jimako 1 year ago

And yes, it works very nicely... I use it long time. Just first or second time used on e107 site.

Jimako 1 year ago

@Alex I have that free version. It is enough for me, I was just curious what cookies are used with e107. You can add new one manually too. There is similar WP plugin, I had almost e107 version too. But I needed that scan and WP version is very limited agains online solution.

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