JM GSitemap plugin 1.0

 Jimako    19 Aug 2019 : 08:45
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We released the first version of JM GSitemap plugin.

Its functionality was initially part of JM Canonical plugin (for testing and saving time), but now we moved it to separate plugin.

JM Theme plugin version 2.1

 Jimako    17 Aug 2019 : 16:24
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New version released

This version should be able to work with e107 version 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 (not released yet), with the theme with PHP and HTML layouts and our 2nd generation themes don't need any update. 

JM Elements plugin version 2.3

 Jimako    12 Aug 2019 : 14:45
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Just info about new Elements plugin version

New functionality:
  • added element menu
  • added webticker menu and webticker shortcode
Update requirements:
  • RUN plugin rescan to add information about new addon e_menu. When you go to Menu Manager, you should get a message about some new menus installation.

Overview of all my sites

 Jimako    31 Jul 2019 : 21:38
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Updated list of my active sites

Because problems with not supported version php 7.0 by my hosting in soon time,  I needed to go back  to version 5.6.

Annoying, if your develop version is 7.0. Nevermind.  

The list of sites updated to be sure I didn't miss anything.

Premium Bootstrap 4 themes

 Jimako    25 Jul 2019 : 23:21
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Why am I working on more than one theme at once?

Some explanation about our new themes.

e107 Bootstrap4 Creative theme

 Jimako    11 Jul 2019 : 21:49
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Next free theme by StartBootstrap ported for e107

Next free theme by StartBootstrap ported for e107 for e107 2.2.2.

Warning. Custom plugins are needed; the theme itself is free.