First Theme Wagon theme ported

Boots4 theme used on cayman demo site.

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Our e107 bootstrap themes

Let see what we are working on...


The themes were created mostly for testing the limitations of e107 CMS. Available on or GitHub. Only Core plugins should be used. Use them only for learning purposes. They are not covering all parts of e107 CMS. Next themes will be added after revision for 2.3.1.
Important: Those themes are tested for latest GitHub version. After the official release, we focus on updating free themes for this release.

SkyAPP Lite Bootstrap4 theme

A ported free HTML theme by Brad Traversy. Updated for bootstrap4, Hero plugin tested. Available only on Last check 2021/01.

Freelancer Lite Bootstrap4 theme

A ported HTML theme by startboostrap. Bootstrap4 theme. Updated Lite version for 2.3.1. Available only on Last check 2021/01.

Agency Lite Bootstrap3 theme

A ported HTML theme updated for e107 2.3.1. There is e107Inc repo for this theme.


Free themes with extended functionality. Full themes that can be used as a site theme. They use custom plugins and extended theme configuration. All plugins are free. You can download this theme officially only from our store. Any donation for the next development is welcomed. There are important changes in e107 2.3.1 and new rules for theme development, so those themes will need revision too.
Important: Those themes are tested only for latest official release.

LandingZero2 theme

Ported bootstrap3 theme for e107 CMS with extended theme configuration and with Masthead plugin support. More color variants, more hero options. Only tested with 2.3.0.

Solid theme

Ported bootstrap3 theme for e107 CMS with extended theme configuration and with Masthead plugin support. Only tested with 2.3.0.


Originally theme by Veskoto for the old version (table layout) - added bootstrap3 support, fixed and updated according to new standards


After the official release of version 2.3.1, we will fix existing themes. If you use the GitHub version on the live site already, there is a list of possible issues and their fixes available. We should be in touch before you decide to update.

Gaia 3 for 2.3.1

New version for Gaia for new core version 2.3.1. Until core official release available only as private repo on Github

Our e107 plugins

All plugins are under serious revision because of changes in the core. A big part of their functionality was moved to the core... For example, canonical URLs are now in core.

Support and documentation

We offer support for free themes on our support forum. Accept this, please. If you are a donator or premium member, you can contact us anyway you want (email, private gitter...)

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