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  • Jimako
    Jimako  2 weeks ago

    Just playing with google custom search. It's searching this site, and github with e107 in repository name.

  • Jimako
    Jimako  1 month ago

    If you use any my theme: with version 2.2.0 there are core changes - comments and social icons - if you find problem, just tell me.

  • Jimako
    Jimako  4 months ago

    @wrxxy I am ill, sorry cant log in gitter from mobile. Try ask at main room, nothing except update was changed.

  • Jimako
    Jimako  5 months ago

    @wrxxy I got notification from gitter but I am off until Monday. I am not able to log in gitter. Answer is add it to existing gitjub issue.

  • Jimako
    Jimako  7 months ago

    I will be on holiday until end of November. So no answers from me until then.