Mentions plugin by Arun S. Sekher


MUST TO BE plugin for community site

There is just awesome plugin by Arun [arunshekher] 

Quote from its description:  (with my English it's easier just copy things). 

This plugin converts user mentions (usernames prepended with '@' sign) in comments, chatbox posts, and forum posts to matching user-profile links in your e107 powered websites. It also helpfully renders a username auto completion/suggestion popup-list as you start to type-in a username followed by an '@' sign in plugin supported text areas.

This is one of must to be plugin for any community site.  You can download it from Plugin Manager.

You should use this plugin with php 7 or at least php 5.6 .

Source on Github

Industrial theme now available for download


Industrial theme was theme done somewhere in 05/2017.

Industrial theme was theme done somewhere in 05/2017. I just updated it for 2.1.8 version. 

This theme is based on free Industrial HTML/Css template from  anpsthemes.com


Original html theme was free as freebies, I can't find it now.


 This theme uses Contact page plugin for extended contact section.



Demo site of our themes is now available


For this site is used Cayman theme.

Cayman theme is one of my not finished full e107 theme.  It's ported very nice HTML template made by wowthemes. 


HTML Description

I had planned to make paid e107 theme with this template  because I have extended licence for any personal and commercial use. But I hadn't time to do it. Or better the reason for it? There is problem with multipurpose HTML templates - they have too much functionality. For example, if I wanted to use styling testimonials, I needed to have very good testimonial plugin (easy templated and with a lot of settings). 

I decided now to use it on my demo site, but I did it very quickly way. It's one page site so it was easy.  

But this theme is unigue, I really like how it's coded, very simple and very clean. And I found that the way how I was doing JM Canonical plugin - with discussion and asking for new features from somebody - it was something what helped me to finish things. 

So I created Forum topic for Cayman theme. If there is any interest, I will take Starter theme and I will start from the beginning. Or I use version I have already for my demo...  Depends on demands. Try to image that you have access to html template (or you bought it to support authors) . What do you want to know to create e107 theme of it?  Would you need more homepage layouts? Possibility to select footers? Just write your ideas on forum. 


NightVision 2 theme for e107


New ported HTML template for version 2 with bootstrap support

There is available no-responsive theme for old version but update looked more time consuming. 

This is new porting, added bootstrap support etc. 


This is lite version, so only basic e107 features are supported. If you need more, create topic on related subforum.

I can now extend this theme if there is interest




This theme can be downloaded from Theme manager too, but new updated will be available just on this site.

Khatru2 theme now available as demo


Updated old 0.7 theme for version 2. Added responsivity (bootstrap support)

This theme I made for somebody who disappered somewhere.  So I just moved it to my new demo site.  

I will add this theme for download. It's not perfect but I don't know if anybody uses it.  It was about save old look with new functionality.



Testing GDPR Cookie plugin


Based on GDPR rules, opt-in and opt-out option

This solution is based on https://cookieconsent.insites.com/, but because I am not familiar with javascript, I used php to remove cookies. 

On this site is used opt-out version. So if you decline cookies, with each page refresh all cookies will be deleted before saving (so login and registration will not work) 

The cookie banner is displayed only for guests, any registered (logged in) user of any CMS should be clever enough to know that without technical cookies any CMS can't work. 

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