I know, everybody hates ads. But you dislike to pay for something too. I would like to give everything for free, but it's impossible because costs are too much. If you know how Google ads work, you know how to help. It's on you. I can detect income by country, so... Australia rocks now! Thanks


NightVision 2 theme for e107

New ported HTML template for version 2 with bootstrap support Read more..


Khatru2 theme now available as demo

Updated old 0.7 theme for version 2. Added responsivity (bootstrap support) Read more..


Testing GDPR Cookie plugin

Based on GDPR rules, opt-in and opt-out option Read more..


Testing Gold System plugin

On this site Gold System Plugin is tested Read more..


Welcome new year 2018!

My theme for year 2018 - AppStrap Bootstrap 4 by themelize.me Read more..