Industrious theme



- home and full layouts

- one header and footer

- 2 navigations (main and footer) 

Not supported:

- sidebar

- comments

- all other core stuff that is not listed as supported. News, pages should work out of the box.  


- contact page by default

- login page by default

- signup page by default


Available elements

Available elements:

- Banner 

- Highlights  


- Testimonials



Single pages

Single pages with custom templates or tested pages

Supported pages:

- login page (custom login template)

Pages that work by default (with core template):

- signup page (coppa and signup template)

Latest Downloads

e107 version 2.3.0 from 17.03.2020
in Category: Stuff in development

e107 version 2.3.0 from 17.03.2020

2 weeks ago

e107 CMS downloaded from Github 17.03.2020 - called - deleted e107 tests - deleted Voux and Landing Zero themes. This pack is for users that are working with our themes. Stable version 2.2.1 i 
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e107 version 2.3.0 from 17.03.2020
JM Core plugin 1.8
in Category: e107 plugins

JM Core plugin 1.8

3 months ago

Please, use Github version.  The version used on this site. It fixes some core limitations via the plugin, no core changes. Check Readme at first.  Version 1.8 What is inside? - fix for missing tit 
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JM Core plugin 1.8
ReCaptcha plugin 1.3
in Category: ReCaptcha plugin

ReCaptcha plugin 1.3

3 months ago

No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA Captcha replacement for e107 v2.2 or higher with shortcodes.  Added shortcodes for replacing contact secure image shortcodes. Possibility to hide it from logged users.
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ReCaptcha plugin 1.3