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e107 Core Code: e107 Admin UI

e107 Core Code: e107 Admin UI

Fields settings


the field is displayed on tab with this index (0, 1...  1 - second tab)

Tab names are set in protected $tabs = array(LAN_GENERAL, LAN_ADVANCED);

It is good to have at least one tab set for e_admin (dynamically added tabs) working correctly. 

the field is not displayed in Read mode, no option to select in Columns display option, very often with 'type' => 'hidden',
the field is added to batch options and multiple rows change is possible

Field types

'type' => null,
'type' => 'number',
'type' => 'boolean',

Default generated value by plugin builder:

'redirection_status' => array ( 'title' => 'Statust', 'type' => 'boolean',
'data' => 'int', 'width' => 'auto', 'help' => '', 'readParms' => array (),
'writeParms' => array (), 'class' => 'left', 'thclass' => 'left',),

The result is ON/OFF switcher

The parameter to change the text to YES/NO

'redirection_status' => array ( 'title' => 'Status', 'type' => 'boolean',
'data' => 'int', 'width' => 'auto', 'help' => '', 'readParms' => array (), 'writeParms' => 'label=yesno',
'class' => 'left', 'thclass' => 'left',),

'type' => 'text',
'type' => 'user',
'type' => 'userclass',
'type' => 'url',
'type' => 'datestamp',

Minimal settings:

'date_added' => array ( 'title' => 'Added', 'type' => 'datestamp', 'data' => 'int' ),

Read only:

'date_added' => array ( 'title' => 'Added', 'type' => 'datestamp', 'data' => 'int', 'readonly' => true ),

'type' => 'file',
'type' => 'media',
'type' => 'icon',
'type' => 'image',

Special fields

 ID field

 The id field is a field set in protected $pid = "category_id";

By default is not displayed as a column. To display it you need to set 'forced' true.

'category_id' => array('title'=> LAN_ID, 'type' => 'number', 'width' =>'5%', 'forced'=> TRUE, 'readonly'=>TRUE),

SEF-URL field

the field, when the button that generates SEF-URL code, is added. 'sef' is field that is used for generating value of this field. The way of the result is set in preferences under URL Configuration settings. 

Basic settings:

'sef' => array ( 'title' => LAN_SEFURL, 'type' => 'text', 'data' => 'str', 'writeParms' => 'size=xxlarge&sef=title' ),

Batch option: 

'news_sef' => array('title' => LAN_SEFURL, 'batch'=>1,  (....)  'writeParms'=>array('size'=>'xxlarge', 'show'=>1, 'sef'=>'news_title'))


Admin UI Title

 Plugin title for Admin UI

It is done from 2 parts:


and menu caption  


Example how to build your own title that looks similar like core one if you want it a different way for edit mode (if edit mode is not in the menu):

public function __construct($request, $response, $params = array()) {

$action = $_GET['action'];
$this->pluginTitle = _WEBLINKSADMIN;
if($action == 'edit') 
$this->pluginTitle .= ' <span class="fa fa-angle-double-right e-breadcrumb"></span> '._LINKVALIDATION;
parent::__construct($request, $response, $params = array());