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Banner plugin

Banner plugin

The banner plugin is part of the core plugins, but you need to install it at first (it was active by default in the older version).

You can add banners to your site 2 ways in version 2 (there was only one way in the older version).

Banner shortcode

This way is limited and it needs to be supported by theme (of course, if you use shortcode menus, you can use menu manager)


{BANNER: campaign=e107promo}

Banner menu

Add banner menu to desired menu area and don't forget to set its configuration (otherwise nothing is displayed)

Caption Text displayed as the caption (depends of tablestyle of your menu area)
Campaigns to show in menu You can select one or more campaigns
Number of banners to show Numbers of banner, you would suppose that 1 is the default, no by default all are displayed
Width Banner width; always set it to the width of your banners
How to show the campaigns? How banners are rendered. Without tablestyle, with one or more menus etc.

Creating a Banner Ad Campaign

The banner plugin gives you the option to not only sell banner space for a specific amount of time but also by the number of times a banner has been clicked on (selected) by the viewer.

In banner administration just add a new banner, select campaign. All fields are intuitive,