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 Jimako    23 Dec 2016 : 18:00
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We're happy to announce the release of e107 v2.1.3 in time for Xmas!

This release contains mostly bug fixes and security enhancements and we recommend everyone upgrade immediately. 


  • Improved error handling when downloading plugins/themes from admin area
  • Avatar and photograph uploading fixes
  • More flexibility to forum templating added
  • Caching functionality optimized for better performance
  • Accessibility improvements to contact form
  • Fixed installation errors on some PHP versions
  • Better backwards compatibility for javascript loading in v1 plugins
  • Several fixes to social login functionalities
  • Timezone handling changes
  • PHP 7.1 fixes (not completely stable yet)
  • Numerous hardcoded LANs are now translatable and optimized
  • And many more minor bugfixes and improvements

New features:

  • More flexible templates for custom admin area dashboard layout
  • Error pages: ability to change error page content and template (documentation coming)
  • e_admin addon now allows for plugin to hook into batch admin UI actions (see _blank plugin for an example)
  • Ability to set a "scope" for HybridAuth provider (social logins)
  • New events added: user_xup_updated, user_news_item_viewed, user_page_item_viewed, user_comment_posted and user_comment_deleted (see Event documentation)
  • SEF URLs can be enabled/disabled on a per plugin basis
  • Banner plugin now support external image URLs
  • Bootstrap navigation now supports sub-links of sublinks

Other notes:

  • Tagwords plugin removed from core, replaced by TagCloud plugin (introduced in v2.1.2)
  • PHP 5.4 is now the minimal required version
  • Disabled the loading of legacy core path e107_themes/templates/ (v1 legacy override still available)

For a full list of changes, please go here.

Please see our downloads section to download a copy.

Thank you for continuing to use e107. We wish everyone a safe and joyful Xmas season!.


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