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Cayman Theme

Cayman Theme

e107 Cayman theme is based on the HTML Cayman theme created by Wow Themes. Not only that their templates look very nice, but their HTML code is very clear and very well written.

Cayman theme introduction

The Cayman theme is not available for download anymore. Later I found some other sources to download (and buy) this theme, but they offer a version for Bootstrap 3.3.4 with visible bugs. 

About license: I bought the All HTML bundle on 17.3.2017 with “A perfect package with extended license & unlimited sites use.” I asked for confirmation and the answer was “This is exactly what we want you to do with these bundled items! Use them on unlimited sites for your personal, client, or commercial projects.” 


  • - demo is running on PHP 7.4, development on PHP 7.8
  • - basic HTML and PHP knowledge

Original description:

Cayman is a multi-concept and eye-catching HTML Bootstrap Template, modern looking, colorful, and of course, responsive. 

Theme parameters

This theme will work only with the core e107 2.3.1 version. 

Type of theme:  New version with HTML layouts 

Needed plugins: 

  • JMTheme
  • JMElements

Layouts: 6

  • book
  • contact
  • full (default)
  • home
  • right_sidebar
  • singleform

Headers: 3

  • default (transparent)
  • light (light grey)
  • primary (with primary background color)

Footers: 2

  • default (black with columns)
  • light (light grey)

Elements: (in progress)

  • 3 column features with icons 
  • Split element (2 columns full width element)
  • Testimonials with Owl carousel

Page Headers: (in progress)

  • Moving background image
  • Parallax background image

Supported plugins: (in progress)

  • Hero
  • Forum
  • Pages
  • Contact
  • News
  • Gallery


There are available 3 skins  now:

- default (light green)

- orange

- red

Because all colors are in separate files (skins folder), it is easy to change site colors. 

Screenshot 2021 02 24 181529Screenshot 2021 02 24 181540

Frontpage Layout

<layout name='home' title='Default Home'>

Frontpage layout is very simple.  Just 2 menu areas and by default Welcome Message is displayed.


Menuarea 10 should be used for the Hero plugin (only an Animated Header is supported) or for any Page Header Element.  With Hero plugin, you need to change the background image manually. 

Menuarea 11 should be used for any Content Element. You can add your own elements if you want. 

SingleForm Layout

The layout used for:

- login form

- coppa and signup form

- forgotten password form

Parallax header, image editable in layout prefs. Not more options are needed.

Members-only (modal) version supported.