Event Calendar

pebender, Sat Oct 15 2022, 19:49


i´m using the e107 CMS in Version 2.3.2, i´m searching for a full working Event Calendar,

i´ve tried a lot of Event Calendars, but no one works, i think they are for Version 1.x,

is there a working Event Calendar vor Version 2.x??


Re: Event Calendar
Jimako, Mon Oct 17 2022, 07:48


welcome here. 

There is the official repo for the updated old CM:


I updated it more for one of my friends:


It was for 2.2 but should work with 2.3 - and PHP 7. It was not tested with PHP 8.

Because I don't use it personally, I cannot tell what is wrong, but I can fix it if you find some problems.

Are you familiar with its settings?

Re: Event Calendar
Jimako, Tue Oct 18 2022, 12:24


I updated what I could saw... 

You can test it yourself here: 


Login is the same as on this site.

I can give you admin rights for more playing with this plugin.  

I need reported issues to be able to fix them because I don't use this plugin.