Stansfield, Sun Aug 21 2022, 12:42

Unfortunately I can't send you a PM. I have a question about the Boots4 theme. Is it possible to get that from you somehow for e107? Would be interested in this as it's nice and simple :)

Re: Boots4
Jimako, Sun Aug 21 2022, 13:03

For Boots4 I have not limited license.  I will need to find it and check,  it is old. And maybe already released. 

So no problem,  but I have little time before holiday.  I will be fully back in second September week.

Re: Boots4
Stansfield, Sun Aug 21 2022, 13:37

No Problem :)
Re: Boots4
Jimako, Mon Sep 05 2022, 09:07

Hi, it wasn't working in latest core. I need to look what is wrong. So it takes time.

Re: Boots4
Stansfield, Tue Sep 06 2022, 15:08

Okay, I have time