Problem with "datepicker" calendar function

Viktor, Wed May 04 2022, 06:12P.M.

Good afternoon!

Problem with "datepicker" calendar function in date input form.
When you click on the date field, the calendar does not appear.
In e107 version 2.1.6. everything is working fine.
Delivered 2.3.0 or 2.3.2 - does not work.
The code of the form where I use "datepicker" did not change.
Tell me what could be the problem?

Re: Problem with "datepicker" calendar function
Jimako, Fri May 06 2022, 05:51A.M.

Do you mean that you have a custom coded datepicker field? (not calendar plugin)

There was a big change - the jquery version was changed and some javascript stuff.   

Check your console. If datepicker is not opening because of this, there should be some error. 

Re: Problem with "datepicker" calendar function
Viktor, Tue May 10 2022, 06:45P.M.

I have Gaia 2.5.1 theme installed, e107 2.3.0-rc1
I have a field in a date picker. But, no error messages are displayed. Nothing happens at all.
With other themes, the date picker in my plugin works correctly.
Re: Problem with "datepicker" calendar function
Jimako, Tue May 10 2022, 07:44P.M.

Gaia 2 is not compatible with 2.3.1.  Most of my themes are not. There was a change in the core that changed everything and theme plugins will now work.  

I tried to follow fixes here:

but it was too much. And no help from core developers.  This was the end for any new themes for somebody else.   

I am seriously considering closing this site. There are changes in 2.3.2 again without any discussion again. 

 Sorry, I don't know how to help you. 


Re: Problem with "datepicker" calendar function
Jimako, Thu May 12 2022, 04:43P.M.

I have Gaia 3.0 and 3.1 available too but they are just workarounds for existing installations.  

The problem with this theme (or other ones) are plugins they depend on.  And those plugins depend on THEME_LAYOUT and it is not available anymore.  So plugins don't work and the theme doesn't work fully either. 

I asked how to create variable headers with 2.3.1...  no answer. 

Now, maybe the only solution is to make a simpler new theme with rules for 2.3.1. I will see what I can do.