Information about Creative Tim licences

Information about Creative Tim licences

 06 Nov 2021 : 18:18   0  Jimako  None  Outdated themes

Some new information

Creative Tim has new bootstrap5 themes and of course, I was curious.  I almost bought a developer license again, but then I checked their license policy.  I am sure that when I bought Gaia and others (I don't think I used them, maybe denice theme was available for free), there was a different developer license available. 

Now they separated it into company and enterprise licenses and formerly developer is now called a company license. 

 With developer license I can't :

  • Create a Template, UI Kit, Dashboard, Theme, or Plugin using the Item and make it available for sale or free. For example, You can't purchase an HTML template, convert it to a WordPress theme and sell or give it to more than one client.

I can't create a free theme!  You can do this with themeforest themes with a single license, so imagine my surprise.  Of course, I didn't buy the new bundle. But I asked them to upgrade my old bundle and they kindly give me one freelancer license for testing and learning.  It means that I will do themes only for myself. 

What about old developer licenses?  

  1. The License grants permission to 5 (five) to 20 (twenty) persons to access and use the Item.  Again funny, I am sure this wasn't mentioned before.  (Later I found that it means to add access to their admin area, I have never tried this)

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