Time-limited offer to be part of building a new theme

Time-limited offer to be part of building a new theme

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Support this theme now with a donation of 10€ and you will get access to its tutorial and anything related to this theme. This price shall apply until I add the first premium plugin.

Be part of building Cayman Premium theme

I am building a new premium theme. Because it is not easy, I offer this as some motivation for me to continue. 

Support this theme now with a donation of 10€ and you will get access to its tutorial, source code, and anything related to this theme. And of course, a full premium theme pack. This price shall apply until I add the first premium plugin.

First part finished. Almost 90 pages. If you dislike donation, you can buy it now.

What is already done:


1. Cayman theme

1.1 Theme introduction
Resources available

1.2 HTML theme preparation

1.2.1 Changing extension
1.2.2 Moving headers to separate files
1.2.3 Moving footers to separate files
1.2.4 Head part
1.2.5 Foot / scriptS part
Resources available

2 Starting with e107 theme

2.1 Creating a theme skeleton

2.1.1 File theme.xml
2.1.2 File theme.html
2.1.3 Layouts files
2.1.4 File theme.php
2.1.5 Preview

2.2 Adding assets

2.2.1 Adding css files
2.2.2 Adding meta tags
2.2.3 Adding js files from the header
2.2.4 Adding js from the footer
2.2.5 Using core library for Animate CSS

2.3 Adding HTML code for heading

2.3.1 Quick Fix for logo
2.3.2 Replace navigation
2.3.3 Template navigation 1.level
2.3.4 Template navigation 2. level
2.3.5 Mobile version fix

2.4 Adding HTML code for footer

2.4.1 Quick fix for footer
2.4.2 Templating social icons
Resources available

2.5 Adding HTML code for layouts

2.5.1 Adding debug to tablestyle
2.5.2 Full layout
2.5.3 Tablestyle default
2.5.4 Right-sidebar layout
2.5.5 Home layout / Welcome message
Resources available

3 Extending with the core stuff

3.1 Signin plugin or user navigation

3.1.1 Adding user navigation
3.1.2 Special version for just one navbar
3.1.3 Templating signin plugin

3.2 Hero plugin

3.2.1 Templating hero plugin
3.2.2 Adding data for hero plugin
3.2.3 Advanced using of Hero plugin
3.2.4 Preparing demo data for hero plugin

3.3 Branding

3.3.1 File theme_config.php
3.3.2 File theme_shortcodes.php
3.3.3 Fixing avatar part
3.4 Private message in the navbar
3.4.1 Fix for PM item in the navigation
3.4.2 Fixing PM_NAV shortcode

4 News

4.1 News pages

4.1.1 Configuration of layouts
4.1.2 Preparing templates

4.2 News list template

4.2.1 News image 
4.2.2 News title
4.2.3 News summary

4.3 News default template

4.3.1 Changing full layout and fix news frontend
4.3.2 Changing background for each second item
4.3.3 Changing order of columns
4.3.4 News pagination

4.4 News view (detail)

4.4.1 Templating news view
4.4.2 News content
4.4.3 News Images
4.4.4 News category, tags, and info
4.4.5 News author box
4.4.6 Related news
4.4.7 News comments
Resources available

PART 2.