OpenMind update info 1. part - theme itself

OpenMind update info 1. part - theme itself

 None  20 Jan 2021 : 18:31  Comments (0)  Jimako

Information to OpenMind update

Preparation for new OM version with HTML layouts.

Historical facts:

  • The first official release OM Pack 2.0.0 was the combination:
    • OM  2.1.1
    • JME 2.2.0
    • JMT 2.0.0

The theme is the example of tons of workarounds for version 2.2, in meantime, some of them became part of the core, not to mention a lot of fixes and enhancement of the core itself. 

The direct update could be complicated because during the time there are:

  • JME 2.3.7
  • JMT 2.1.7
  • the official release of core 2.3.0
  • coming soon new core version 2.3.1 

So first step is to fix the theme for the official release 2.3.0 version (if it is needed) 

  •  I installed 2.0.0 pack on official 2.3.0 (don't forget to install featurebox and gallery plugins like me)
  • no visible issues, everything works

The next step is to fix the theme for the latest developer version 2.3.1 

  • installed 2.0.0 pack on latest 2.3.1. 
  • the only visible issue is the navbar search box.  Because this can happen with other theme, I wrote what to do. The fix is very simple. 

So the theme is working, after the 2.3.1 release, there could be the fixed version 2.2 released.