About support and development of bootstrap 3 themes, and Hestia's rules change

Some info

There is nothing wrong using bootstrap3 themes nowadays. Yes, I know, bootstrap 5 is in alpha phase, but I prefer stability before novalty. 

The only problem with my older bootstrap theme is that they are written for the older versions of e107. HTML layouts are so incredible stuff in version 2.3.0, that I am not going to develop older themes. 

So what themes will be supported? 

All my supported themes will have a similar theme of configuration management and they will be extended similar way.  

1. working with 2.3.0 only.  Now: Solid, LandingZero2 and Hestia 2.0

2. extended theme options:

- CSS editor (Solid, LZ2 supported)

- single form pages settings (partially Solid, LZ2 supported)

- master head plugin support (Solid, LZ2 supported) = frontpage header settings directly in theme manager

Hestia 2.1 is planned to support this too. 

3. new features... coming soon

Actually, I am working on Hestia 2.1 to finish single form page settings and moving headers element from paid JME plugin to Master Header plugin. Not sure if I add direct editing of HTML layouts in this version or at first I updated Solid and LZ2 to have them on the same level.

Next bootstrap3 themes that will be rewritten are OpenMind (Misty) and Gaia

If you use any of my bootstrap3 themes and you want to have it updated, let me know now.  Otherwise, they will become history next year. 

Now. important. Hestia 2.x is a free, similar way as Solid and LZ2. The license cost for Gaia was covered, so I fill my promise.

I will not upload the code on e107.org, because it is packed with zipped plugins, so it is forbidden.   

Hestia should work without paid plugins, but it is not tested. 

Hestia 2.0 is not put for download here, because it is only for update purposes for users with Hestia 1 and they have it under their account in Easystore.

Again, the latest time to add the next theme on the list, after this I will focus only on bootstrap4 themes or new bootstrap3 themes (I have 2 ones unfinished and paid license for them). 


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