LandingZero2 theme 1.4 released

LandingZero2 theme 1.4 released

 Landing Zero, e107 theme  20 Oct 2020 : 12:23  Comments (0)  Jimako

Added most asked feature to LZ2

Included support for variable homepage header. It is only courtesy for Stansfield.

I tested only functionality. I am aware that demo images, help info is outdated, but they are just details. 

Added to download section. Don't forget that you need Real e107 user class to be able to download it.


Masthead plugin is needed. It is packed with a theme inside the plugins folder in the theme pack.  MastHead plugin is available on Github too. 

Where to download?

This theme version was added to your account in the store too. 

How to update?

This is an example of how our LZ2 demo was updated.   If you did any changes, updated only different files (no css or javascript changes were made)

List of changed files (against version 1.3):

* theme.xml

* theme_config.php 

* theme_shortcodes.php  (added new shortcode THEME_MASTERHEAD)

* update all folder themeoptions (there shouldn't be any custom changes)

* update English admin lan files

* install folder (added masthead subfolder)

* template folder (added masthead subfolder)

* homepage_layout.html in layouts folder