Disquss plugin for e107

Disquss plugin for e107

 None  27 Jul 2020 : 12:00  Comments (1)  Jimako

Disqus comment system as replacement or addition. 2 menus available. Lazy loading available.

Just counts are now missing.

I need this plugin for another site but maybe I left it here too. 

I have more troubles to configure discus (settings) than create a plugin for this.  (I mean privacy and other stuff).  It is a very long time I used it... 

Now that annoying stuff left - lang, images.    Oh, and comments counting... 

But I want my already existing comments displayed too, so it is still in test mode...  

And because there are core issues that I need to fix with some workarounds, it could be broken when they change this stuff in core. So it is maybe good idea to use it here, so I can know asap that something is broken. 

The challenge were unique URLs!  So if you know about any double content (duplicate URLs), test it - the same discussion should be displayed.