Simple Page Plugin released

Simple Page Plugin released

 None  07 Jun 2020 : 11:25  Comments (0)  Jimako

New plugin Simple page released. Purpose: Easier editing page content with limited admin access

At first, I will not probably post this plugin on because it is a one-time plugin that I needed for a specific theme and website. That site will use pages in the one-page theme, but the users responsible for content are not familiar with e107. It was impossible to get them access to the full book/page/menu system or attempt to explain how this works. 

So I created a separate plugin just for maintaining already existing pages. This way I can give them independent admin access without the ability to create new pages or change the important stuff to break site (f.e. SEF-URLs that are used for page scrolling)

Then I found that it is easier for me too to maintained pages on some other site, and I added some preferences to be able to use this plugin without original limitations.

So what does this plugin do:

  • by default, it displays the page table records (no default limitation) 
  • by default, it displays only fields: menu_image, page_title, page_text, page_author, page_order
  • by default, it displays only edit and order options


  • disable any available field for editing
  • display only pages (so only records with page title filled are displayed) 
  • hide help information 
  • display delete button 
  • limited display to authors (logged admin sees only their pages). Exception for main admin. Author field edit should be set off then.
  •  disable order button (by order field edit off) 



You can download this plugin from this site.