Multilanguages sites

Testing available plugins for multilang sites

There are two basic types of multilanguage sites:

  1. only site navigation, titles, etc. are translated, but the main content stays the same. When you click on another language flag, all language strings are translated, but if an article is only in English, it remains in English, and you need manually translate it if you want to read it. For this, you need only to have language files translated.
  2. Site in a different language is like a new site. You create double content etc. You have more options here, and what is "doubled" depends on your Multilanguage Database Tables Settings.


 So what you need:

  • language pack
  • some language selector in the menu or navigation
  • tools to easily translate content

Available solutions (except core tools):

  1. multilan plugin
  2. userlanguage_flags_menu plugin

Multilan plugin

  • this plugin adds the option to add lang selector to your sitelinks (use function option)
  • it should help you with translating your content. It's very complex, but now news, pages, and welcome message are supported.
  •  you can test site in a new language without real activation (only for admins, your menu items get the title "hidden" then

I try to use this plugin maybe one time a year to see what is new, but this year's attempt ended with a fatal error for the preference page. After checking issues, I noticed that there is a similar issue from 2018. Then it hit me - don't use the version from e107.org, but use the GitHub version. And it was it!

To add the lang selector to navigation:

  • at first, at plugin prefs page 3rd tab activate languages, 
  • go to sitelinks and create the new item - select glyph (globe), insert in URL # (anchor), and in function option find language selector.

This plugin has a lot of features, but I have never used other ones. 

Userlanguage_flags_menu plugin

It is the old plugin for version 1 that I updated for the new version a long time ago (2016 !) It still works. You can use it as a shortcode or as the menu in Menu manager. 


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