Landing Zero 2  1.1 released

Landing Zero 2 1.1 released

 Landing Zero, e107 theme  10 Apr 2020 : 23:26  Comments (0)  Jimako

What is new in version 1.1? Not too much but I like those ideas...

In theme preferences options to set header, body and footer width.  In bootstrap you can use classes container or container-fluid, so this settings just set those classes....

Landing Zero

To be able use something like this directly in html files:

new shortcode was added:

/* {THEME_PREF: code=header_width&default=container} *//* way how to use theme prefs as shortcodes in HTML layout */function sc_theme_pref($parm) { $name = $parm['name'];if(!isset($name)) {return "";}$default = $parm['default'];$value = $this->themePrefs[$name];$value = varset($value, $default);return $value; }

Full changelog:

Version 1.1.0

- FIXED header and footer custom shortcodes - there is no need parsing template separately, it's done in core with theme.html
- ADDED possibility to use boxed layout - see theme preferences 
- ADDED shortcode for using theme prefs value in HTML layouts directly
- REMOVED link to Calender plugin in demo data 
- TESTED with e107 2.3.0 from 17.3.2020