JM Core 1.9 released

New functionality added - block code menu

If you remember blocks in Nuke, it is something like that. You add block code menu, insert your code into textarea field. 

It supports direct change of style for this menu or using ID parameter for tablestyle method.

On this site, it is used for inserting iframe code, for replacing google ads plugin by insert needed script and code via the menu.

You can:

  • use caption or not
  • set style for tablestyle method


 - you need e107 2.3 version and your theme has to use theme class, so this is possible only for themes with HTML layouts

 - you have there something like this:  $style = $info['setStyle'];

  • - set tablestyle id


  • you can use only IDs that your theme supports. 

Download: https://www.e107sk.com/download/52/jm-core-plugin


- removed stuff related to the topic> How to build a simple plugin. It was for inserting iframe code. It's useless now. 

- ended support for Google Ads plugin. It's not needed anymore. 


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