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What is different and new in customized version of metatag plugin

If you noticed, I started to customize the great plugin by lonalore with the name Metatag. This plugin is so useful that I had asked a long time ago to add those features to the core. Now I am glad they didn't do it; otherwise, I wouldn't be able to customize it.

Why I customized it? This plugin is for very advanced users. It's not easy to understand how it works. I had a vague idea of what results should be, and when I hit different outputs, I was lost. I need to be sure it works the way it should work before I fully add my solution for canonicals and double content.

Now I finished the first step. To get plugin more understandable and be able to check its results.

So what version 2.2 do?

Option to set needed metatags and hide not used ones (some details and help need to be fixed)



Added numbering to have correct (logical) order for default settings and supported entities.

Added support for contact, login, signup and forgot password pages (mainly because of robots metatags). This solution solves double content for those pages.


Possibility to update addon list (normally you can do it only with install/uninstall plugin)


Displaying data value for quick visual checks. 

Added display of available single entity token (new tokens added and next ones will be added)


Download Metatag Tab available with JM Download plugin


All metatag widgets now display real values what should be on entity page

Download plugin


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Now it's time to check all tokens and add a new token for canonical URLs.  


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