What is new?

What is new?

 Jimako    28 Nov 2019 : 08:45


What I am working on now?


some news, because I am still here.  

I work on 2 big "projects".  The first one is porting efiction script for e107. That script is new for me, so at first, I need to get how it works. It's a lot of work and only in my free time.  The second one is new theme based on this HTML template.  It means new plugins or improving existing ones. For example teammembers and testimonials.   

Some examples:

efiction blocks system (better than my old UNNuke version)



Testimonials [tested with e107 2.3 and PHP 7.2 + 7.3]

It is the customized testimonial plugin by lonalore. You can find code with demo data and example for theme in my github repository.  For now, it is only an example of what can be possible.



Team members. 

The idea is from the efiction author's module (author profile, author fields, author custom fields). But I am short of time to finish it, so I decided to do new plugin.