Hestia 1.0 released

Hestia 1.0 for the version for 2.2.1 and higher (no HTML layouts).

New theme Hestia released. Inspired and fully compatible with Gaia. Free for users with Gaia licence. We tested it with the latest versions of JM Theme and Elements plugins. 

This is Dark version of Gaia released under the name Hestia, because it's not only about colours.  


- the theme is free for the users with Gaia Full Pack licence, just ask for it. Thanks for your support.   

- if you have plugins licences, price is 10 Eur (users with OpenMind class). Thanks for your support. 

- otherwise, you need to get the full pack 

From this point, there is possible to have the developer version of this theme: Bootstrap 3 in sass version, e107 stuff in sass version and Hestia itself sass version together. Developer licence of HTML Gaia now costs $119, so the price of e107 version is the same.  We are trying to have one sass version for Gaia and Hestia, but Hestia is on a higher level. 

Live Preview Responsive Test

Buy the only theme Buy the full pack with plugins


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