Special offer of VIP membership

Special offer of VIP membership

 Jimako    08 Oct 2019 : 19:57


Help us to find those kinder surprise figures and became our VIP member.

VIP membership means that you have access to anything you want.  You can have it for this kinder surprise series from India.  This should be Christmas present, so we are a bit in a hurry.


Minni Mouse 2016

This set was released only in India, maybe Russia, China.

Minie2016 Indien

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Minies 2018

This set was released only in India for now.

Minie2018 Indien

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This offer applies for 4 English special figures too. They are not expensive, but they are hard to find because Google or eBay is not able to find them. 

Two of them are from British set Tricks of Angelus and Naughty Nick! Angels & Devils.  This edition is the same as Italien, so it's very easy to mistaken. 

There is text WET PAINT - Italien figure has text VERNICE FRESCA

Angelino2002 English

There is text MAIL - Italien figure has text POSTA.

2 English

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Two of them are from British serie Vampirellies.  There are many editions of this set in all Europe, but those 2 toys were only in Great Britain.

This toy has text Dieting.   Not   "Sono in dieta!!", "Huelga de hambre", "dieta", "Je suis au rĂ©gime!".  


This toy has text: Vampire street, not  "Via del Vampiro", "Vampiro Street","Calle de los Vampiros", "rue du Vampire"


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