Gaia 2.5 released

Gaia 2.5 for the version for 2.2.1 and higher (no HTML layouts). We tested it with the latest versions of JM Theme and Elements plugins.

What is new?

  1. Fixed parallax effect on Chrome browser (on mobiles it's blocked) - it's not solved in the original HTML theme
  2. Fixed some of HTML markup issues vs W3C validation in original HTML layout - they don't fix this in the HTML theme
  3. Fixed navbar collapse breakpoint (moved from small to the middle). The real e107 site has more than few links in the navigation, Gaia uses not the standard solution for the mobile sidebar, so we have to fix this for e107
  4. fixed header look for mobile devices in landscape position - they missed this in HTML version
  5. unified primary and danger colours (sometimes they used gold colour instead of primary/danger)
  6. added Style Guide for testing output e107 core not covered original HTML source
  7. added Media Query Test to be able to check all elements on most used devices online

To fix original HTML css, we completely rewrote way how css is built.   

From this point, there is possible to have the developer version of this theme: Bootstrap 3 in sass version, e107 stuff in sass version and Gaia itself sass version together. Developer licence of HTML Gaia now costs $119, so the price of e107 version is the same.  

Live Preview Responsive Test

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