InfadeBlack theme

InfadeBlack theme

 Jimako    22 Sep 2019 : 18:44
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InfadeBlack theme is updated old theme from 2006 for php 7 and e107 2.2.2

This theme was known as BLACKv2 theme made by in 2006 (yes, it's no mistaken).  You can still download it from some servers. 
Then there is PenquinBlackv1.1 by PsykoPenguin from January 2011, which is totally the same except horizontal navigation.  Maybe it's the same man.

Then there is an attempt to fix this theme for version 2 by LaocheXe Very good one.

After creating ClanForum plugin I needed to test it with some old theme without bootstrap (all my updated old themes use bootstrap now), so I decided to use this theme. I changed the theme name to InfadeBlack on the honour of the original author.  

It uses now HTML layout, so it will work only with e107 2.2.2

There are 2 menus - horizontal and vertical (main and side sitelinks categories).  

I don't know why there are 2 layouts because there are the same (3 columns). I left them there, now they can have different menus at least.

This theme is not responsive.  I use it for testing updated plugins with the old theme. 

Actually tested plugins:

- ClanWars

- onlineinfo

- calendar

- ClanForum

It's possible that there are some issues I didn't notice, so just mention them at the forum. 

With so old theme you need to be aware of some old css tricks :) for example hidden disclaimer for users but not for boots. It's visible now.