Landing Zero 2 theme

Landing Zero 2 theme

 Jimako    13 Sep 2019 : 10:35
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New version of Landing Zero theme, 5 layouts, 3 colours version

The theme is completely rewritten and it will work only with e107 2.2.2


The multipage theme in 3 different colours for e107 2.2.2

  • responsive design
  • full-width page
  • 3 columns layout (2 versions)
  • 2 columns layout (left sidebar)
  • full page layout
  • 3 different versions (violet, green and orange)
  • support available

The theme is completely rewritten.  Added support:
- forum plugin
- calendar plugin
- clanwars plugin

If you are not a site member, you can get this theme here:  

If you are site Real e107 user member, you can download this theme in Download section.


Version 1.0.0

- UPDATED and tested with Boostrap 3.4.1
- REMOVED social links shortcode and ADDED social links template
- REMOVED one 2 columns footer navigation and ADDED 2 separate navigation (footer+alt5)
- REMOVED hardcoded About modal button and ADDED alt navigation for this functionality
- REMOVED BOOTSTRAP USERNAV shortcode and ADDED and shortcodes
- ADDED HTML layouts and REMOVED PHP layouts
- ADDED 3 columns layout
- ADDED 2 columns left sidebar layout
- ADDED support for DEFAULT_MENUAREA - works only with JM Theme plugin