SkyApp e107 Free Bootstrap 4 Theme 2.0.1

SkyApp e107 Free Bootstrap 4 Theme 2.0.1

 None  09 Jan 2021 : 13:45  Comments (0)  Jimako

SkyApp template 2.0 by Brad Traversy updated for e107 2.3.1 and updated for bootstrap4

HTML5 template by Brad Traversy ported for e107 now in the version for e107 2.3.1.  Available on or on github.

I found this template 5 years ago when I was learning sass with some of Brad Traversy courses.  At that time I tried to port it for e107, but it was hard for me then. And I forgot about it.

Now I was cleaning my computer and I found it. It took only some hours with new HTML layout.  

There are minimal changes to core templates and with sass included it's very easy to change this theme.

PS. I found bootsassy copy too :) next great theme by Brad Traversy.