JM GSitemap plugin 1.0

We released the first version of JM GSitemap plugin.

Its functionality was initially part of JM Canonical plugin (for testing and saving time), but now we moved it to separate plugin.

This plugin is not a replacement of core plugin; no core changes are needed. It just saves the time of manipulating with sitemap entries and fully support HTML sitemap version. It uses new Admin UI so that you can use searching, filtering, ordering and functionality of batch changes.

Jmgsitemap 01

With core plugin, you have no option to change the category, but it was used without user see it.

Jmgsitemap 02

More instructions about HTML sitemap.

Jmgsitemap 03

Yes, there are plans for further extending, but at first JM Canonical plugin must be cleaned more and we need to do something with metatag plugin.

This plugin is free; just it's download is limited to user subscribed to class JM Canonical plugin (or something like that).

JM GSitemap Gallery

Extended instructions Category List Sitemap Categories Admin UI for sitemap entries


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