JM Theme plugin version 2.1.3

JM Theme plugin version 2.1.3

 Jimako    09 Sep 2019 : 16:20
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New version released

This version should be able to work with e107 version 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 (not released yet), with the theme with PHP and HTML layouts and our 2nd generation themes don't need any update. 

With the new version of e107 2.2.2, you can build themes different way. The main difference is that e107 2.2.2 can work with HTML templates, uses magic shortcodes and more other things.

At first, we created a new plugin JM Theme 3 for e107 3. But with time being there is still only version 2.2.1 released, so we customized ("downgraded it") it to work with PHP themes (short name for the themes with PHP layouts). We tested it with new PHP themes.

But what about already existed PHP themes? OpenMind and OM? Without the need to update theme themselves? It took some time, but we finally got it.

So now we are releasing updated version JMT 2.1 that should be able to work with both e107 versions, with PHP and HTML e107 themes and old themes don't need any update.

What are the scenarios with Gaia Pack 2.0.0:
  1. The theme is already used (f.e. customized): download JMT 2.1, check update instruction here and update only the plugin. The only necessary thing is to copy options files from layouts folder to jmtheme folder. If anything fails, only resave your layouts. No changes in the theme itself are needed!
  2. It's a new installation: install full pack and then update JMT plugin (if you don't do it this way, you will need to set your layouts manually). Don't forget to move options files.
  3. You have already JMT 2.1 installed: install Gaia, move options files. You will need to set your headers/footers manually.
  4. Wait for Gaia 2.1.0 with fix folder structure and changed demo install data for layouts.

What are the differences:
  • removed field description
  • removed field image
  • added fields header and footer (in JMT 2.0 they are part of options)
  • file names for HTML layout use underscore (header_, footer_), file names for PHP layout use hyphens (header-, footer-)
  • layouts folder is now standard folder for e107 3, so options files have to be moved/copied to jmtheme folder.

What is new:
  • the different screen of layouts
  • possibility to generate layouts (no need for manual adding or demo data)
  • single shortcodes for custom header and footer available to use in both e107 versions
  • option to delete all not used menus with one click
  • and more other things.