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Why am I working on more than one theme at once?


Some explanation about our new themes.

Why am I working on bootstrap4 themes now?

I am helping with core bootstrap4 theme. A lot of core changes is related to this new theme. Logically, I will use my templates to test them.

Why premium themes?

I already did free bootstrap4 themes inspired by Startboostrap templates. But there are core limitations, and I decided not to complicate my development by them. After the official release of 2.2.2, I will update Freelancer and Agency. The Creative theme is already prepared. I don't use those themes, and without any feedback or thanks, I don't want to spend more time on them. I would do more themes, but I have other plans before me. 

Why there is no Light version anymore?

Again, free Creative Tim versions are too limited. I tried, but I wasn't satisfied with the result. Despite the explicit declaration that there is no support, people still asked for it. And it only complicated my work (to maintain two different versions), and I lost more time. I tried to use the premium kit with Soraki light, but then there is a license problem. Anybody could take premium HTML assets and use them without buying a license. So I decided against it.

Why working on three themes at once?

Because until some point, development of those themes is the same. It is the advantage when you use items by the same author. I am trying to push the point when I need to separate development to the latest possible point. The reason is to have such a flexible starter theme for future development that it will save me time later. 

When will those themes be finished?

No idea. It looks that there nobody left to have an interest in e107 themes. But... with e107 2.2.2 there is no competitors in easier HTML porting. I would have those themes finished with bootstrap3 without any problems, but creating future tools takes my time. 

What about the licence?

I have the developer licence, and I can create any numbers of the End product (it's different policy as Envato is). But this doesn't mean that you can take this theme and create your one. You can only customise it under the same name. You can't separate HTML assets from e107 item and use them.

What are the requirements for those themes?

You need three plugins:

  • JM Core is a free plugin, and it's on Github. I created it to add some missing core functionality, originally in JM Theme 2 plugin. I stopped to move this functionality when there was no feedback about new theme development, because why I should share everything for free? As soon as I am cleaning JM Theme 3 plugin before the official release, I may move them. 
  • JM Theme 3 is rewritten JM Theme 2 plugin (for bootstrap3 and e107 <2.2.1). There will be only stuff related to theme layouts. I am trying to put other things directly to theme preferences or JM Core plugin. Not sure where to put menu stuff. If you officially donated or bought JM Theme 2 (for Gaia or Openmind), you will get the discount., don't worry. This plugin is essential, and the theme will not work without it.
  • JM Elements - it is the plugin for easier content management (different page elements). It's the latest thing and the point when theme development will be separated. 

 What about other UI Kits by Creative Tim? 

There are new UI kits - Argon and BLK. They are not part of the bundle, and it's not possible for me to buy a developer licence (personal is expensive too). But, yes, I would like to use them for e107 themes. I have already names for them. Lupina and Ganlum.

How to support development?

Tell me in which theme you have an interest. Tell me what way of "payback" you are willing to offer. This site can work thanks google ads. Visit it without adblocker. Would you prefer a donation? If there are enough donators to get my costs back, I could give them this theme for free. AT this time donation limit is 500 Eur / theme. Do you think is it too much? Check developer licence or personal licence for assets that are part of this theme. After the theme release, the price will not be less than 80 Eur (for the full pack with plugins). So it's only on you. 

What are the next plans?

- Create the new version of AppStrap theme and replace everything possible from AppStrap plugin with the standard solution. To be sure that all tools work with them by another author. But no idea what to do with the Revolution Slider.  

- Create the new clan theme based on Arcane HTML theme with clan wars, clan members, matches, tournaments. I have everything that I need; only time is missing. And sometimes, motivation. But I need to get back my "costs" I spent on updating clans plugins for the new version. I couldn't ask for one person to pay for all the development time. 

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  • Jimako
    Jimako  2 months ago

    JM Core 1.6 released, desc with the image on Facebook

  • Jimako
    Jimako  4 months ago

    New version of metatag plugin is tested now here... some messages can be see from time to time :)

  • Jimako
    Jimako  4 months ago

    There is new theme mdbootstrap in my github repository for anybody who want to learn new way how to build e107 theme. It's built with focusing on step by step. Anybody who have interest, just let know about you and start ask questions while I am on the beginning.

  • Jimako
    Jimako  4 months ago

    For download something, you need to subscribe class Real e107 user in your profile. (if you didn't get message on homepage)

  • Jimako
    Jimako  5 months ago

    @Moc I changed settings to PM available for class Real e107 user (class able to download free things) and I added you this class. And created issue because I have no idea how this should work.


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