Released projects Januar - March 2019

Released projects Januar - March 2019

 Jimako    11 Mar 2019 : 21:30
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Short recapitulation to clean homepage

A lot of new things is going just now in my life, so...    All finished projects are supported only via the private repository or via the forum here.  


Released projects

Pro version Gaia theme 2.2.1

access:  only private repository


JM Theme  plugin 1.0.2

access:  with Gaia or Openmind theme

Clan plugins

Clan Members 2.1.0

Clan Wars 2.1.0

Updated old plugins for version 2.2.0 and PHP 7.2

access: private repository

Online Info plugin

access: private repository


JM Elements 2.2.0

access:  with Gaia or Openmind theme

more info

Completely rewritten contact form. Available in download section.

Fixed to run correctly under version 2.1.9

Not updated.  New admin would be easier. 

Posted only on Github.

Yandex Turbo Pages RSS Feed for CMS e107


Available in my Github repository

The 3-column dark theme with 2 activation areas to the left and right of the news by Infade

Original source:

Asked by LaocheXe.