Relive e107 blog boostrap theme

New theme for e107


History of Relive theme 

Relive theme is originally WordPress theme by TeslaThemes.   

I bought Lifetime Developer licence sometimes in 2015,  what means that I can do with those themes what I want (confirmed by their team now, I can't only sell their themes directly). 

They have very interesting themes and I really don't know why I choose Relive. I just found it downloaded at my comp while cleaning old stuff.  It looked very well coded, so I decided to try if developing would take more than 24 hours.  It took 15 hours, with making videos 3 days. Of course, not 15 hours at row, but during those 3 days. 

You can see result on my demo site


The features of Relive theme in e107 [1.0.0]:

  • minimalist design
  • retina-ready & responsive
  • demo import
  • carousel of news on homepage -  via news grid menu so all settings are on you
  • grid of news on homepage - again via news grid menu so you can set what news are displayed
  • custom header search (theme shortcode)
  • custom sidebar search (theme shortcode)
  • advanced sidebar with 4 types of menu areas
  • 5 layouts: homepage, sidebar bar, full, page and contact 
  • drop-down menu for main navigation 
  • one level footer menu for footer navigation
  • support for tagcloud plugin
  • customized news sharing shortcode
  • support for online menu, news categories menu, archive menu   
  • support for custom menu 

Future of Relive theme:

I did this theme to prove how easy is create new theme for e107.  Or how to do it from HTML theme.  

You can find more info here:

I have no more use of this theme.  I will give it for free (I waited to confirm that it wouldn't violate teslathemes conditions).  

But don't ask me to develop it more if you don't support me or you are not our client.  I did what I could to give you examples how to customize things yourself.   

In other words: 

  • not ask questions on gitter in private rooms, ask it here
  • visit this site without ad blocker and help me cover costs of this site






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  • Jimako
    Jimako  1 month ago

    JM Core 1.6 released, desc with the image on Facebook

  • Jimako
    Jimako  3 months ago

    New version of metatag plugin is tested now here... some messages can be see from time to time :)

  • Jimako
    Jimako  3 months ago

    There is new theme mdbootstrap in my github repository for anybody who want to learn new way how to build e107 theme. It's built with focusing on step by step. Anybody who have interest, just let know about you and start ask questions while I am on the beginning.

  • Jimako
    Jimako  3 months ago

    For download something, you need to subscribe class Real e107 user in your profile. (if you didn't get message on homepage)

  • Jimako
    Jimako  4 months ago

    @Moc I changed settings to PM available for class Real e107 user (class able to download free things) and I added you this class. And created issue because I have no idea how this should work.


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