New site and theme

New site and theme

 Jimako    24 Sep 2018 : 16:06
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Or what I am working on

Important: I am not coder.  I am just someone who found e107 by Fate or by Mistake and had run important site on version 1 before they knew too much and have time to run away. I am that one with ideas, that one who knows how it should work and who knows when it works not correct way.  I was accountant for most of my life, or I worked on ERP solutions not in php, do you think that I will write code as some old guru?

I asked for help so often, I got frustrated so many times because real developers didn't hear or they disappeared somewhere during time. But then I told myself: stop complain, start to do it yourself. Do it your beginner way from twenty years ago BUT get it work.   

Do you dislike my code? You are welcome to rewrite my plugins and do it better way. Learn me how to do it better way. Try to figure yourself how new core works without enough information. Try to get correct info about page with SEF-URLs ON...  I left only with just try something and we will see...

Where are you were at the hardest times? When e107 needed your help? I would be so glad to be just happy user and never had to fix something. Nevermind, you can still talk about me behing my back. 

Ok, I got it off my system, so now back to original article:

I am sure you are asking: what, again? Yes. was planned as testing site but it's started to be too important to risk any problem. And this is community site that is harder to test or set for SEO purposes. 

From time when I moved e107 related stuff from hobby under my company (it's easier this way to pay bills) I knew that I will need more business site than this. I promised myself that when (if) I get my first payment from google, I will do it. And while google ads can help me get some money back, I will let everything for free. 

But with google ads is SEO very important stuff. So new site I try to do with SEO on mind. Not only for google, but for yandex too. 

I am testing a lot of things. 

Google analytics plugin is outdated and too sofisticated (I want just to insert code, not to set so many things). 

Metatag plugin is awesome, it solves what I didn't know how to do with canonical plugin. But canonical urls themselves are inserted wrong way... 

So nothing big is going to change... I just lost track of all my themes and plugins, so after finishing theme I will just move some pages and news from here to new site. 

Theme I am working on:

I do a lot of new things:

- variable headers, pagetitles, footers

- tinymce snippers

- gallery connected with pages etc. 

As soon as I will have out first version of new site, I will be back to my actual plugins.  I need to post Turbo pages for approving, so this new site will be used for it.  

And at the same time I can go back to AppStrap theme, because e107 itself is improved and I solved my biggest problem with it during doing this theme. 

So just be patient, I spend a lot of time on e107...  

  • Jimako
    8 months ago

    Adding this here (something like checklist):
    - installation done
    - maintenance mode on
    - mail set (checked)
    - theme installed
    - theme plugin installed
    - notify settings set
    - registration set off
    - alt auth set on to this site
    - statistic plugin installed
    - URL configuration set

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