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This site uses modified theme by Fizi - gameplus2

At last I have updated one of the latest 1.0.4 version I had still running. 

This site is for the community of one famous fanfiction. It was my first e107 site based on content plugin.  The author disappered some times ago and I promised that if she would return, I will do update. More than 2 years nothing and now she is back and I had to fill my promise.

True is that I tried to update before. There were still some issues.  Now I use new way of update, I updated content plugin again (not fully, in level like in Knowledge base, still in process) and voila - site is running better than before.

Oh, I can't forget - I used Fizi theme for this.  This guy is the best theme developer! Awesome, everything works, so easy to customize everything.  My big thanks to him. 

PS. Updated todo list. Just one 1.0.4 site left.

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