Overview of all my sites

Overview of all my sites

Next site updated. Martik boostrap4 theme used. Updated list of my active sites.


 The list of sites updated to be sure I didn't miss anything.

Site / Type e107 version PHP version Theme Prefix Todo


community, support site

2.3 (git) 31.1.2020 7.2.16 martik2 e107



2.2.2 (git) 01.07.19 7.2.16


https://v2demo.e107.sk 2.2.2 (git) 31.07.19 5.6.40



RJZJ community community version 5.6.39


no prefix


2.2.0 (git) 01.01.2018 5.6.40


e107  e107 + United Nuke together 


NEW 3.11.2019

2.2.2 (git) 7.2.16 martik theme 


NEW 25.1.2020

2.2.3 5.6.x custom custom  e107 + efiction together + (United Nuke in future)

OP community

2.1.6 5.6.2 custom custom update AACGC plugin for php7

MP community

2.1.8 (git) 5.6.39 e107World no prefix forum board site


The state of replacing old theme options plugin and other custom solutions for managing theme and content:

Demo multisite 1 Cayman e107 core JM Core JM Theme  JM Elements  
Gaia 2 Gaia 2.5 2.2.2 x 2.1.5 2.3
Hestia Hestia 1.0 2.2.2 x 2.1.5 2.3.7
Freelancer demo Freelancer 4.0.0 2.2.2  
Creative demo Creative 2.2.2 1.3.1 2.1.5 2.3
GamePlus Light GamePlus 2.2.2  
GamePlus Dark GamePlus 2.2.2  
Marci Marci 2.2.2   On-Demand, in progress
SkyApp SkyApp 2.2.2  
revel 2.2.2   On-Demand, in progress
denice   On-Demand, in progress


Demo multisite 2 Cayman e107 core  
Solid Solid  2.2.2  
Landing Zero2 Landing Zero 2 2.2.2  
RideBlue Rideblue 2 2.2.2  
Bootstrap  Bootstrap 1.0 2.2.2  

Demo multisite 3 Cayman 2.2.2 1.3.1 DONE: remove One Page plugin
Khatru Khatru 2.0 2.2.2    
NightVision NightVision 2.0 2.2.2    
OpenMind 2 OpenMind 2.2.1 2.2.2   2.1.5 2.3
Black & White Black & White 2.2.2  
Industrial Industrial   On-Demand, not updated anymore
DNG  DNG   On-Demand, not updated anymore
Magazine 01 Fizi Magazine 01   
InfadeBlack InfadeBlack2  
Demo 4  
demo.e107.sk AppStrap4 2.1.8 (git) / PHP 5.6

TODO: replace AppStrap plugin, Revolution Slider could be challenging...

TODO: move to the new demo site, it's bootstrap 4

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Latest Downloads

JM Download plugin 1.2
in Category: JM Download plugin

JM Download plugin 1.2

3 weeks ago

Plugin for extending the core Download plugin. Version 1.3 on Github Replaced JM_Download plugin, Latest Releases by Father Barry,  Top Downloads menu by SecretR, AACGC Download Tracker by M@CH!N3 V 
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JM Download plugin 1.2
JM Core plugin 1.6.0
in Category: e107 plugins

JM Core plugin 1.6.0

1 month ago

The version used on this site. It fixes some core limitation via the plugin, no core changes. Check Readme at first.  Version 1.6.1 on github What is inside? - fix for missing titles in the m 
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JM Core plugin 1.6.0
ReCaptcha plugin 1.3
in Category: ReCaptcha plugin

ReCaptcha plugin 1.3

1 month ago

No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA Captcha replacement for e107 v2.2 or higher with shortcodes.  Added shortcodes for replacing contact secure image shortcodes. Possibility to hide it from logged users.
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ReCaptcha plugin 1.3