Testing GDPR Cookie plugin

Based on GDPR rules, opt-in and opt-out option

This solution is based on https://cookieconsent.insites.com/, but because I am not familiar with javascript, I used php to remove cookies. 

On this site is used opt-out version. So if you decline cookies, with each page refresh all cookies will be deleted before saving (so login and registration will not work) 

The cookie banner is displayed only for guests, any registered (logged in) user of any CMS should be clever enough to know that without technical cookies any CMS can't work. 

Tricky part was that revoke button in right corner - original script doesn't work. 

This site doesn't use other than technical cookies, so for now the banner is enough. 

2018 04 04 12 55 37

What could be done:

- add palette selection and color picker. 

2018 04 04 12 54 43

The link is going to original site with javascript solution. But because I am not able to do this with javascript, I used php for deleting cookies. For now only core e107 SID cookies is deleted and e107_tdOffset (doesn't work, because it's created after deleting again).  

2018 04 04 12 55 01

Be aware that with Opt-out option the text for Dismiss button should be Dismiss, not Decline. 

2018 04 04 12 55 22

Learn more link (ON) is going to  https://cookiesandyou.com/  if you don't set custom link and your own link.   

I planned to add cookie list from database with cookie categories and shortcode for inserting list in page with cookie policy, but for now this is enough. 


  • PMabr
    2 years ago

    Will this be available for download at some stage? Thank you.

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  • Jimako
    2 years ago

    I added it for download - in version I use it on this site. There is cookie plugin made by professional Lonalore, you should use that one.

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  • Jimako
    2 years ago

    Oh, and if any question, use forum (create topic anywhere). With forum I have notification on, with comments is not possible.

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