githubSync plugin version 1.2 released

githubSync plugin version 1.2 released

 GitSync plugin, e107 plugin  05 Sept 2022 : 11:44  Comments (0)  Jimako

New version of GitSync is available on Github

Theme pack synchronization support, plugins pack synchronization support, languages pack synchronization support

Theme pack. I needed this for future Gaia testing - Gaia is not working without plugins, so the repo contains 2 folders - e107_themes and e107_plugins. It works like core sync but it is limited to these folders, tested with Gaia.

This always solves my problem with downloading the theme together with the needed plugins (theme options mainly).  

The plugins pack wasn't tested but it can solve more plugins in one repo (I have some repos set this way, mostly gaming plugins)

Language pack it replaces downloading language pack from the core (it is not working sometimes).  And this way you can download outdated lan packs too, no condition about correct XML version (I always forget to change it and now my LAN pack is not displayed in the core area). 


It is the list of repos I am actually using or working with.  It can vary without changing the plugin version.  This plugin is mainly for my personal use, so it saves me time when moving between installation and testing something.  

If you use this plugin, you should clean this after installation (delete not needed repos), add your own ones, export and save your own XML file. Then you can import it via Database/Tools and Import option.

For now - because I am the only one who uses it - I let there my active repos. 

Warning.  GithubSync plugin was added to install.xml but it will not update admin_config.php itself. So with the new version, a manual update is needed. I use sync mainly for repo list updates :)