githubSync plugin version 1.1 released

githubSync plugin version 1.1 released

 GitSync plugin, e107 plugin  22 Aug 2022 : 10:54  Comments (0)  Jimako

New version of GitSync is available on Github

Theme synchronization support + possibility to set the custom folder for downloading 

You can now sync into the themes folder too. 

A new field - destination folder was added.  

For the Landing Zero theme, there was already existing repo with the name Landing-Zero-2-version-1.5. I didn't want to change the folder name because there were already existing links to it. So I added the destination folder. Originally I used landinzero2 but as result, you can download the theme to any folder name (in the image below landingzero3).  

There is no point to do this with the plugin (different plugin name) and it will not work with core (not tried, no tested).

The only problem with themes is the hardcoded theme name in the install.xml file. If I find a way how to do it without it, I will use it in my themes.