New version of Metis theme

New version of Metis theme

 None  21 Aug 2022 : 22:09  Comments (0)  Jimako

This site is now running on new version of Metis theme - custom version of AYRO UI theme

There will be soon released new e107 theme Aelous - you can see the demo already. It is the simple version of our future AYRO UI themes. To be sure that I am going the right way, I took Aelous and used it with the old Metis theme. And the result was the theme with a new look. 

Metis is 24 column bootstrap 5 theme. Not everything is replaced, I am a bit short of time, but you can help with it. It wasn't released so I used the same name. 

For now, only the navbar, signin plugin (user box in navigation), and pm dropdown in navigation are fully tested. In the end, the original CSS will be fully removed. Not enough time to finish this any soon.


- there are not many 3 columns themes nowadays. Because of mobiles, of course. But if you notice - menus on this site are in fact accordions and they are closed on mobiles and columns are reordered.  I use this solution on my other Nuke site for some time and they really like it.

On that site all our costs are paid by google ads, it would be nice if this happens here too.