Ayro UI Theme for e107 - looking for donators

Ayro UI Theme for e107 - looking for donators

 None  07 Aug 2022 : 12:07  Comments (4)  Jimako

AYRO UI is awesome bootstrap5 component framework I would like to use for e107 themes

Ayro UI is a powerful library of bootstrap components.  I tried already other ones and this is really good. Mainly - each component has its own css class so they do not interfere between themselves. Except for buttons and forms. 

I would like to have the developer license so I could release themes freely. So if you like this type of theme, you can make a donation for it. 

The price is now 79$ 


It is on you.

My PayPal account is jimako@jimako.sk  or click on Paypal button in the footer. 

Some links:

My personal notes on development:


Github repo with the free core kit (be aware it is just a starter theme, not the final theme for use)


Ayro UI:



  • Stansfield
    1 year ago

    What are you still missing?

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  • Jimako
    1 year ago

    I have already bought it, thank you. A lot of stuff for doing.

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  • Alex
    1 year ago

    Donated, buy it, make it and share it Jane! (need an normal good business bootstrap 5 theme..)

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  • Jimako
    1 year ago

    You are awesome. And reason why I still make themes. Thank you so much.

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