Boots4 theme by Theme Wagon ported for e107

Boots4 theme by Theme Wagon ported for e107

 None  06 Dec 2021 : 14:41  Comments (2)  Jimako

New one page theme for e107 core 2.3.1 only

One page theme by Theme Wagon. I wanted to see if that functionality is possible with e107.

Original theme: (eight item in four column was selected)

This is the temporarily demo used for testing mobile functionality:

- chapter menus are used for those sections, but I have already a version with the book chapters menu to allow more flexibility with content. With chapter menus you can't use page templating (it is correct), so the book chapters menu is the correct way. Then possibilities are endless. 

I have the premium unlimited license for this theme, so I can publish it or put it on sale without any trouble, but I haven't any motivation to finish this, I am already working on another theme.

For a free theme, I again hit the limitation of TinyMce4 for managing content, so it would take more time to find some workaround again - that I haven't.

If I wanted to use book/chapters for this,  I had to find the workaround for not the logical template system (it was the issue, no success in explaining what is wrong with the actual system). This took me all my energy and motivation to finish this.

Why? Because I am doing the same stuff with version 1.1 (1.0.4 with PHP 7 support) and old custom pages/menus and there are no similar troubles with managing content. I can see that those menus are full of javascript, full of the code, that is stripped now for site safety. They just copy HTML code to menus and it is done. 

I am publishing this just to let you know that there is this theme for e107 available. And as a reminder for me, because it is a nice theme. Maybe I will return back to it.

By the way, they have already the bootstrap5 version:




  • Stansfield
    9 months ago

    I haven't been here for a long time, it's a shame what I'm reading from your news here. But I can really understand it, about this topic, I'm really interested in it. Can this be used?

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  • Alex
    1 year ago

    Really nice theme, hope you find the motivation to finish it :-) When i find a purpose for it i will let you know :-)

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