Jayya theme with bootstrap5 support

Jayya theme with bootstrap5 support

 None  06 Dec 2021 : 13:45  Comments (1)  Jimako

Responsive version of jayya theme

While waiting for the release of the new version...   Published now when 2.3.1 is out.  It is PHP theme version, so it should work with 2.3.0 too.

This theme was made for Deltic and you can find it in his repo (branch v3).


The temp demo is here: https://jayya.e107sk.com/ but it will be removed soon.

Originally theme name was jayya3, but it was renamed back to jayya. 

  • Bootstrap 5 library
  • FontAwesome 5 library
  • Footer navigation in the footer
  • menuarea in top-center header position
  • menuarea in top-right header position
  • Two ways for menu behavior on mobile devices (off-canvas or standard dropdown)
  • Accordion behaviour for sidebars. By default, closed on mobile devices.
  • Dropdown on hover
  • Only the MoreBlue style is supported for now.
  • Replaced outdated {ALT_SITELINKS} shortcode with main {NAVIGATION} shortcode
  • Bullet for link lists is possible to set in theme preferences
  • Increased the base font size and related stuff. Default bootstrap size (1 rem) is used.
  • Background images replaced with gradients (main navigation, buttons, sidebars)
  • Removed clock menu support
  • Core signup template for Bootstrap 5
  • Core login template for Bootstrap 5

For any other issues, questions, development, use Deltic's repo. It is his theme now. 


  • Alex
    1 year ago

    Hi Jimako, really a blast from the past... but one thing, in the navigation you use a border for the buttons @ hover and then it jumps, is that what you want? Maybe also use a transparent border to show the links so there's no 2px difference? Nice!

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