Combination of WordPress and e107

Combination of WordPress and e107

 None  30 Sep 2021 : 12:16  Comments (0)  Jimako

Using WP for areas when e107 fails and e107 for adminstration custom things

It takes too long waiting for e107 to be perfect. Its power is in Admin UI, easy management data etc. So I decided and successfully tested to combine WordPress and e107. 

My favorite (and almost only used theme for WP is Impreza with Visual Bakery for building content), so I used this solution on my originally e107 site.

e107 is installed in a subdirectory (it works in the same level too, but I needed it this way to block access to this subdirectory. 

e107 site uses a custom plugin with a lot of data I need to manipulate with e107 way. Before it was a combination of the United Nuke and e107, but I need to remove Nuke soon because of PHP 8.

How does it work?  

- if prefix for e107 is f.e. e107_, then prefix for WP is e107_wp_ - so this way is e107 able to manipulate with WordPress tables. 

- include class2.php in wp_config.php with the correct path. In the beginning because of sessions. 

Then I created a WP shortcode in function.php and the content of it is fully managed with e107 handlers. I needed only one parameter to display the needed data. The reason is easy - I am more familiar with e107 programming than WP queries and posts and it is easier for me than write the same code in WP. 

I mapped this shortcode to Visual Bakery a and it is all.

Now I created posts/pages in WP, this solves URLs issues, SEO issues, easy content management issues, media management. And if I need to display data managed by e107, I just add a shortcode with the correct parameter.

And the power of Impreza grids, filters, content templates, and page blocks allows me to do exactly what I need - to be able to organize my collection the way I always wanted. And using e107 for managing data allows me to avoid WP administration. I still can't imagine managing this with WP and this is the perfect solution for me.  


The post itself is managed by WP, but everything below My collection is done by e107.