Snow White theme

Snow White theme

 None  05 Sep 2021 : 19:57  Comments (0)  Jimako

Snow White theme is theme inspired efiction theme with bootstrap5 support

Theme description:

- light, airly theme that is already done, only e107 stuff needs to be fixed

- using theme.php (theme way 2.3.0) because for efiction themes are skin changing mandatory and it is not possible now with 2.3.1 HTML themes. 

- extremely simplified 

- avoiding to use e107 libraries 

- login page as standalone page

- tested with PHP 7.4 

- bootstrap5 supported


- home : 2 50% columns

- full - for forum

- sidebar: 80/20%

- efiction - specific layout for efiction plugin. 


- originally version 1.x worked with bootstrap3, but now bootstrap5 was added

- it is used for bootstrap5 support in core (it fails in many cases) and in finding some fix

- it supports bootstrap grid and efiction grid (percents)

- it doesn't use bootstrav navbar (hamburger), but efiction version

What is not done?

- forum topic template