Artemis e107 bootstrap5 theme

Artemis e107 bootstrap5 theme

 None  22 Jun 2021 : 12:43  Comments (2)  Jimako

Artemis theme is e107 bootstrap5 theme based on Soft UI Design Free by Creative Tim.

Not released yet. 


  • Alex
    1 year ago

    Very nice theme J! Cant wait :-)

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  • Jimako
    1 year ago

    The base version is posted on Github. Again something else occurred and I am doing other stuff. But I will return to it, it is really nice theme. They have already an admin version (not for e107 admin, but for user profiles, etc)... But pro license is too expensive... (you need both - frontend+admin, not to have a conflict). so this will stay as a personal project. Thanks for your support.

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